Why Is CQC Cleaning So Important?

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April 19, 2017
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April 25, 2017

Why is using a CQC compliant cleaning service so important?

In any sector, there are certain standards which must be adhered to and to which people must be held accountable. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) was established to provide industry standards for medical providers such as GP practices, hospitals, dental surgeries, care homes and other health care settings. These standards cover a number of areas and cleaning is one of the most important. People are now informed about the standard of cleanliness which should be expected in these places.

Commercial cleaning companies working in a health care environment must, therefore, follow CQC guidelines. This is absolutely vital for the wellbeing of patients and staff in places where a high level of hygiene is of the utmost importance.

What does CQC cleaning involve?

CQC compliant cleaning involves three main aspects:

1. Premises

CQC cleaners need to keep the premises of the building scrupulously clean, which is key to the proper function of the facility. After all, infections spread easily in a dirty environment. Floors, windows and door handles need to be cleaned and disinfected to a high standard. Patients and visitors are more likely to be suspicious and fearful if arriving for treatment in a grubby, dirty building.

2. Equipment

Of course, internal equipment must also be cleaned to a hygienic level. Hospital beds, chairs, commodes - all types of equipment and furniture that possibly infectious patients come into contact with every day must be cleaned to the CQC standards. Even visitors could inadvertently spread germs left susceptible to germs. Cleanliness is also vital for the reputation of the setting as no one wants their loved ones to stay in a bad-smelling place with filthy equipment.

3. Cleaning Materials

The cleaning materials used in cleaning the health care sector must also be a major focus of attention. Commercial cleaning companies, such as Officlean, must ensure that the cleaning materials are of a sufficiently high-quality to meet up the task and also follow the guidelines to ensure that potentially hazardous chemicals aren't able to fall into the hands of children or vulnerable people. A selection of suitable cleaning machinery and materials are required to cope with all possible eventualities, from industrial floor cleaners to colour coded cleaning cloths.

What are the advantages of CQC cleaning with Officlean?

The main advantage of a CQC compliant clean is a reduced rate of infection and a potentially faster recovery rate as a clean pleasant environment is obviously much more conducive to recovery. Staff, patients and visitors will all experience high levels of wellbeing and will feel reassured and confident that the spread of bacteria and disease is less likely - this is particularly important in dental practices when many people are often considerably anxious about their treatment on arrival.

Officlean provides medical cleaning services which rigorously adhere to CQC standards so you can be confident that you are doing everything possible to improve outcomes and safeguard people from the risk of dirt and germs. Our CQC-approved cleaning services are available for a variety of healthcare buildings. We use our experience, knowledge and our team of dedicated cleaning professionals to guarantee your premises are always regularly and thoroughly cleaned for the benefit of everyone enters them.

Contact us today to find out more about our services, whether you require medical centre cleaning or care home cleaning.

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